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Overwatch’s Sombra revealed, check out her skills, biography and more


The long-awaited Sombra reveal finally came, Sombra is the newest playable character for the popular multiplayer shooting game Overwatch Overwatch Animated Short | “Infiltration” In this animated short it introduced Sombra, the Mexican spy was shown infiltrating Volskaya Industries along with Reaper and Widowmaker in an apparent assassination attempt. The video gave a glimpse of...

Huawei mate 9 with dual Leica camera, Kirin 960 chipset is coming to US


After the million lost souls forced to drop their Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Hauwai launches 5.9-inch phablet mate 9 to finally brings hope to fill out this hole in large screen Android phone. Huawei has unveiled its latest flagship device the Mate 9 with dual Leica camera and Kirin 960 chipset, aims to do so with a big screen, a metal unibody design, and a few delightful software features. Here are...

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