How to unbrick hard bricked MediaTek/MTK android phone


It’s a special unbrick guide for hard bricked android phones which has MediaTek/MTK chipset. MediaTek or MTK Android devices can be easily unbrick using SP Flash Tool. But many of times specially in case of hard bricked conditions computer system refused to recognize your phone or SP Flash tool get stuck while flashing stock ROM. And when we go service centers they simply says “we...

How to increase RAM of Android phone


Many of people search every day that How to increase Ram of Android phone ?? and get very poor ideas about to increase RAM of Android phone. However I know When you’ve a smartphone and it started to feel running slow, lagging due to less RAM. You want figure out how to increase your phone RAM to get better performance.   The Truth Before going to start I want to you clear that there is...

How to root any android phone


Root, Rooting, Jailbreak. When we started searching about Android, most likely that Rooting is a keyword that comes a lot of time in search results and when we started to know what is rooting ?? This may sound a little bit confusing and maybe scary. It’s kind of big decision to make. To root your lovely device or not. Let’s do not rush and read a little more about rooting and its...

How to unbrick hard bricked android phone


Get hard bricked ???? Means your phone behaving like brick, not able to boot it to recovery mode, no reaction on pressing the facility button. Just get stuck on black screen. Don’t worry if your phone don’t have any hardware damage than there is still hope to get it back. just follow my instruction step by step and you will get your phone back to speak. Before going for unbrick...

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