How to unbrick hard bricked MediaTek/MTK android phone

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Modern digital and analog communication systems by B.P. Lathi 4th edition pdf
May 9, 2016
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flashing ROM to hard bricked android phone

It’s a special unbrick guide for hard bricked android phones which has MediaTek/MTK chipset.

MediaTek or MTK Android devices can be easily unbrick using SP Flash Tool. But many of times specially in case of hard bricked conditions computer system refused to recognize your phone or SP Flash tool get stuck while flashing stock ROM. And when we go service centers they simply says “we need to change your motherboard”. Which cause lots of bucks to us.

Fortunately in case of MediaTek or MTK Android phones we still has a chance to get back our phone from hard bricked condition if your phone has no hardware damage and your USB port working correctly.

Before going for unbricking process. We should have to analyse the problem and why our phone got bricked ? It will help us to take needful actions and also it will help us in future to save our phone from this critical situation.

Why phone get Hard Bricked ?

It’s very simple to answer. generally phone get bricked when we trying to install custom ROMs or tweaking with system files. however by doing these things like installing custom ROMs through recovery or modifying system files don’t cause you hard bricked phone. It’s simply soft brick your device. If you still have access to recovery mode then it’s soft bricked not hard bricked. just install any custom ROM using your recovery or flash stock ROM using flash tool.

Unfortunately unbrick process for hard bricked phone not so easy as soft bricked phones. Android phones generally get hard bricked when you flash wrong ROM to your phone. after this phone behaving like brick, not able to boot it to recovery mode, no reaction on pressing the facility button, computer not recognizing your phone. Just get stuck on black screen.

So next time when you are flashing any ROM to your android phone always check it thoroughly that particular ROM is designed for you or not. Also remember that companies generally launching same phone with little different specification for example 16GB, 32GB model. so also check that particular ROM is matching with your model or not. I hope it will help you to save your phone from facing this situation again.

Now MediaTek or MTK device users follow my instructions step by step to get back your lovely phone from the dead.

How to unbrick hard briked MediaTek/MTK device ?

In case of MediaTek/MTK devices fortunately there is way to unbrick hard bricked phone using SP Flash tool. But Before flashing any ROM to your phone we need some tools, Stock ROM and most importantly we need to make our phone detectable by PC in order to flash stock ROM.

Now follow my steps …….

Step 1 : Download correct Stock ROM for your android phone.

It’s most basic and most important step before going to start any unbricking process. there are many sources on internet to download stock ROM just google it and you get what you want. But remember as I previously mentioned you should have to flash correct stock ROM to your phone which is designed for phone specifically so before downloading anything or flashing anything to your phone please check ROM for model number and it’s version ( 8GB,16GB etc).

Step 2 : Setup environment for unbricking process.

Before going to unbrick your hard bricked MediaTek or MTK device. We first need to install some tools and drivers into our PC in order to connect our phone to PC. Many people don’t focuses on this step and says that phone is not connecting to PC. so understand it’s very important to have correct drivers installed to connect any device to computer.

Requirements : 

How to Install MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers ?

After installing drivers correctly to your PC, you are ready for next step.

Step 3 : Make your phone detectable to computer by using META mode

Now It’s a time to attach your hard bricked phone to PC for unbricking process.But the problem is that phone is not detecting by PC. It’s most general and frustrating problem occurs when we try to flash stock ROM to our bricked android phone. Before solving this issue first understand what the problem is.

Why computer is not recognizing or detecting your phone ?

Reason 1 :  You have not installed correct drivers.

Reason 2 : You have flashed wrong preloader in your phone.

In case of hard bricked phone the main cause of this problem is Reason 2. Stock ROM for MediaTek devices generally comes as a complete bundle in which preloader also included. Preloader is a thing which is used to flash ROMs to your phone using USB. But when you flashed wrong ROM to your phone preloader also get flashed and make it impossible to flash any ROM again to your phone. And phone becomes a dead device neither it will going to boot or even give any single LED blink nor it will going to detect by your PC anymore.

It’s reason why most of the people including some low grade technicians thinks that phone is no more and told us to purchase new motherboard.

Fortunately in case of MediaTek or MTK device there still a way to solve out this problem using a mode called META Mode. Now follow my instructions to get in META Mode and get back our phone.

How to enter in META Mode ?

  • Open device manager from computer properties.

Device Manager

  • Remove your battery and connect your phone to PC through USB while pressing volume down button and wait for 5 seconds to get in META Mode. you should detect change in device manager and when you click on ports you will find new device added at port as MediaTek USB Port.

META Mode MediaTek

Note : In most cases volume down works because companies which is using MediaTek devices follow this convention to get in META Mode however If you are not entering in META Mode by pressing volume down button also try power button and volume down + power button.

If you still getting no sign of detection then I am really sorry but there is no way to get into META mode using functional keys. Only one method left which is to use multi-meter and press some sensor on motherboard manually but since every motherboard has it’s own design and I am not an electrical engineer I can’t help you in this matter please contact to some good technician.

  • Disconnect your phone. we will connect it next time during flashing.

Step 4 : Fix Preloader to flash correct stock ROM.

Now It’s a time to fix preloader of our hard bricked phone in order to flash stock ROM using SP flash tool. It also solve out the problem of SP flash to get stuck while flashing ROM at DRAM flash.

  • Open SP flash tool and load scatter file from stock ROM folder.

sp flash tool

  • Uncheck all files except Preloader  

Unbrick hard bricked mediatek android phone preloader

  • Hit download button on SP flash tool and connect USB to your phone without battery while holding volume down button.

Unbrick hard bricked mediatek android phone preloader

After connecting phone flashing process start automatically and after Red progress bar wait for Purple progress bar. when flashing process completes you see Download Ok popup as image.

  • After successfully flashing preloader to your phone. you will see the phone is now detecting as a MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port in device manager.

how to unbrick hardbricked android phone MTK

  • Disconnect your phone from PC.

Step 5 : Flash stock ROM to your MediaTek Android phone using SP Flash tool

After fixing preloader now we are able to flash our stock ROM in phone easily using SP flash tool. It’s very easy step and take only few minutes to revive your phone.

  • Open SP flash tool and load scatter file from Stock ROM.

Sp flash tool for mediatek devices

  • This time select all files and hit download button and connect your phone through USB to PC without battery while holding volume down button.

flashing ROM to hard bricked android phone

You will see that ROM is now flashing in phone without any problem. After Yellow progress bar Download Ok popup. Disconnect your phone and put battery in it and just boot up as usual by holding power button. If you have enough charge in battery your phone will started as usual.

Thank you so much I hope after following all steps correctly you got your MediaTek Android phone back. If you having any problem in steps please comment below.

  • zamzami ramli

    Hi, I have problem flashing my bricked elephone p9000, after I hit download button on speed flash tool, red bar progress will show up but after >1 minute it will tell “Brom error : status_ext_ram_exception”

  • Niel Edward Oclida

    any solution for my LG F120L? i dont know what to do and my phone has a sentimental value. pls help. any instructions to follow? pls?

  • Niel Edward Oclida

    it’s pretty dead. but it has a sign of life. and detectable via USB.

  • Javi Yanko

    I try to follow this tutorial but my computer still does not ignite or show signs of life I think I will buy another motherboard

    • siddharth mishra

      Try to go customer care first.

      • Javi Yanko

        thanks bro

  • SeBastian Mizan

    My phones battery is not removable, so what procedure should i follow ? thank you

    • siddharth mishra

      Procedure is same. No need to remove battery.

  • Hugo Carpelho

    Thank you… It worked very well for me when I was almost losing hope of getting my BQ E5 FHD back.

    • siddharth mishra

      My pleasure. Please also share this article, I hope it will helpful for others too

  • Shin Uchiha

    Hi Sir..My Micromax Unite 2 a106 is detect in pc and i also done flash using original firmware. but it wont open no boot no red led in charging?i try to format using sp tools i got this error..
    “BROM ERROR: S_PART_NO_valid table (1037)
    no valid partition table for nand flash”
    I flash my device many times and its working fine but now tha’s happening you have any idea? Thanks.

    • siddharth mishra

      As I know maybe it’s due to corrupted preloader so try my method first than go for this discussion

      • Shin Uchiha

        Thanks for response..I try your method for preloader but still wont open
        and there’s not appearing in device manger the MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port.. oh i forgot its myphone agua rio lite but also micromax unite 2 a106 compatible.

      • Shin Uchiha

        Thanks for response..I try your method for preloader but still wont open
        and there’s no appearing in device manger the MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port..only media tek preloader USB VCOM (android)(Com32)

        • Shin Uchiha

          i read the site u gave but no solution there. pls.

          • siddharth mishra

            You should able to flash because It’s showing that you have correct drivers in your PC. Try to use different ROM

          • Shin Uchiha

            Ok.thank you..i try another rom.. i already flash 4 ROM but still same.

          • Shin Uchiha

            i try different ROMS and there’s nothing happen still the same no boot no charge ..i think its hardware prob.

          • siddharth mishra

            Yeah, maybe it’s an hardware problem because you have correct configuration in your PC. Try to go repair shop now.

          • Shin Uchiha

            Yeah. thanks for the advice and help ! keep it up.

  • Richie M Z

    I did everything and intially there popped up a dialogue box with recovery, i wasnt sure so i came back for instructions and it disappeared now i cant find it

    • siddharth mishra

      Are you able to flash ROM ?

      • Richie M Z

        Thank you do much. My phone is up and running. Instead of volume down I used power button and V+. Thanks so much again

        • siddharth mishra

          Ohh great. Good to hear about it that you got your phone back. Please share this article may it will help other ones too.

  • Jose Leonardo Martinez

    Hi Sir i’m get this error every time i tried to flash the preloader
    EMI Enable DRAM failed
    please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded

    Please help me.

  • nheel

    Hi Sir, i’ve tried all the method that you’ve show but still error pop up enable dram failed.please help…thanx

    • siddharth mishra

      Try to hold volume down button while flashing and flash preloader alone after getting success flash whole ROM. If you still getting error than maybe you are trying to flash wrong ROM try with another ROM.

  • nheel

    Hi sir hhow will I know the right rom for htc desire 616..thanx

  • nheel

    Hi Sir ,i downloaded the first link and tried but still the error pops you think i still have a chance to revive my phone?thanx.

    • siddharth mishra

      If your computer detecting your phone, Yes there is a chance, try to install USB drivers for your phone then try once again but if you still getting same error then it’s an time to go repair shop.

  • nheel

    Hi Sir,when i connect my phone to pc without battery and pressing volume down its shows “Mediatek USB Port”is it sign of recognizing my phone?Thanx

    • siddharth mishra

      Yes you are in META Mode, follow my post from Step – 4. And remember flash preloader first and without battery

      • nheel

        Sir unfortunately its show the same error.and ive tried 3 different htc desire 616 rom.thanx

        • siddharth mishra

          Okay, looks like it’s a time to go repair shop. Sorry bro

          • nheel

            yeah thanx for your time bro…

  • janardhana rao reddi

    thanks for the tutorial. i’m trying the same way but after download flash is 100%, it shows a brom error: S_SECURITY_AC_REGION_NOT_FOUND_IN_SECROIMG_(6128). please help me with that

    • Nick

      HEY,did you managed to fix it ?

    • AllRounder Pakistan

      Hey brother, i think u download wrong region firmware

  • smas16

    hello friend this is so much great information , but i have a problem , my phone is non removable battery , now what, its impossible to fix it right

    • siddharth mishra

      In case of non removal battery there is an red color button on right upper cornor of phone try to push it to enter in meta mode

      • smas16

        hey thanks for reply, but didnt solve my problem , the problem is non removable battery and back case, i have a leeco le 2 so its impossible to open

        • AllRounder Pakistan

          Hey bro, i have also non-removeable phone , open flash tool and click on download put rom files and then connect your device then flashing starting if not then try to press volume down key until u hear popup sound then flash tool starts flashing ! good luck!

          • smas16

            thanks for the reply , my phone is now on warranty service i tryed all you mentioned above and none worked , looks like i needed to get in META mode but for that i needed to remove the battery , a lot of people helped me via skype and couldnt fix it so i send it to warranty

          • AllRounder Pakistan

            Good Luck ! Bro and checked for pinouts soldering 🙂 😉

          • smas16

            Sup , i send it to GearBest warranty and they say they cant fix it , im crying right now 🙁 what can i do

      • Dexter Delgado

        SIR can you help me? is it possible that we can install ios6 to android phone like Samsung duos?

        • siddharth mishra

          No it’s not possible. It’s only iOS themed not real one

          • Dexter Delgado

            I will send you link if this is true please watch

          • siddharth mishra

            It’s only themed. Check his description it says it’s based on Android 4.4

          • AllRounder Pakistan

            brother its an android its just a launcher of ios , i have clone iphone 7 plus it OS looks like ios but its android it have play store try search VLauncher on playstore or google . good luck!

    • siddharth mishra it will help you.

      Reach 7:00 it will show you about non removal battery

      • smas16

        so there is no solution with non removable back case?

      • smas16

        the problem was non removable battery and back case so its impossible to get in META mode right?

  • Mateus Pacheco

    My phone does not have removable battery, but eh detected the problem is that it keeps appearing Error Dram Enable fail being that his rom is the one I’m flashing. How to solve this error? Galaxy A96 alps clone

  • Ayman Ahmed

    Hi sir you saved me thanks, i owe you 🙂

  • moh_eg

    thank you very much. Finally, my tab waked up. but i have another problem with incorrect rom installed.

    i have onda v719 core4 3G tablet (8G) with SN: P719Q8F3V3A1419,

    I tried several firmware from onda download section, but they didn’t work

    i think the correct version is: v719_3g_core4_v1.0.5_v3a

    can i found a download link for this model, or can i use another firmware from another company compatible with this model,

    Best regards

  • Shafik Is

    Hey bro thanks for your work but I have bricked Xperia c and I followed your tutorial and the phone is recognized by pc but when I press volume down to get in meta mode it disconnects pc what should I do?? Please help me.

    • siddharth mishra

      Yeah sometimes it happens try to reinstall USB drivers first. If problem persistent then
      1. Open SP flash tool.
      2. Select scatter file.

    • AllRounder Pakistan

      brother open flash tool and click on download then connect your xperia it will auto start flashing if not then press volume down key until u hear popup sound from computer then u will see sp flash tool auto start flashing , good luck!

  • Arie Munanto

    Thanks for the tutorial. i’m trying the step 4 same way but after download flash is 100%, it shows error message: storage type missmacth (see attach).
    how can i do sir…
    thx 4 advice

  • Arie Munanto
    • siddharth mishra

      Try to use format option first then flash
      However I have find some discussion on Android Central that saying it will fix the problem try that link too

      • Lonebeatle

        HI, I solved this problem by copying all the files in the C: drive WITHOUT a folder, this solves the scatter file problem and the storage and file error codes.

        Also, to have the phone recognized you start the download with the usb disconnected, click the green arrow then connect the phone, some will need the battery put right back in, some won’t.

        Hope this helps you!!

  • AllRounder Pakistan

    Thank u so much brother Volume down key worked for me thanks!

  • Febin Baiju

    Hai, my micromax a106 unite 2 is hard bricked after flashing rom(maybe i flashed the wrong rom…). Now it is not turning on or even charging. cant get to recovery mode or any modes. It is simply a dead phone. So i tried to fix it using this article. I installed vcom drivers. Then i tried doing flash by pressing volume down button while connecting. But it says BROM ERROR: S_BROM_CMD_STARTCMD_FAIL (2005) after clicking download button. I indeed saw the MediaTek USB Port upon clicking and holding the volume down key on connecting usb…so i guess it is in META mode….but that error BROM error occurs…what to do???

  • Alex Tolar

    Hello, I did everything right but when it comes to download flash it gets stuck at 0%
    (i was flashing my phone before it was bricked and it worked perfectly)

  • smas16

    Hey its me again , my problem it was red light while charging i did all you mentioned but didnt work so i send it to GearBest support and they said they can repair the item, i mean its just hardbricked how can they dont repair my phone? Do you know why it cant be repair? its problem on chipset? on hardware? where´s the problem? i didnt had tryed get in META MODE since i cant remove my battery and i cant remove my back case , hope you can reply to me ASAP

    • siddharth mishra

      If your phone showing sign of life ( like red light on charging ). It may be only ROM corruption issue.

      And yes I have tried to search about META mode in case of non removable case because Now every manufacturer is coming with non- removable case. They also have locked bootloader. It’s looks like they don’t wanted to phone can be repaired by User itself. Obviously if users can easily get phone back from dead. How there customer service center gonna make money for them. However we are trying to get into there system to figure out how to unbrick phones without paying repair shop expenses.

      They might using test points of your phone motherboard to flash new ROM. If they unable to flash then they will ask you to purchase new motherboard

      • smas16

        shit bro i just misspelled my words, GearBest support CANT repair it , my phone its with red light and i couldnt fix my self and i didnt tryed META mode , now what can i do? no one can help me , my phone is under warranty in GearBest but they said they CANT repair it , and i paid 200$ for my phone and they only refunding me 50$, what a joke , so there isnt anything i can do to repair it? if they cant repair my phone must be a hard thing to do right? thank you for replying bro

        • siddharth mishra

          Hey bro! if your phone is under warranty then they have to repair your phone at any means. If they are saying NO to you. You should report to police.

          • smas16

            Hey bro thanks for replying but i read GearBest warranty policy and they are right , because it says if the item doesnt have repair they will give me other options so i cant go to the police , any way im in Europe and i bought it from china so i cant do anything against GearBest , any way so my phone is dead ? there is nothing i can do to repair it? or you think i need to try META mode? because when i tryed to fix my phone my pc didnt recognize my phone , so i couldnt open the back case cause it would avoid the warranty , but since they cant fix it i will try to remove the back case and the battery and look if i can repair it , and yes my phone has a red light when charging but cant turn on , so what you think , should i try or just put him trash? do you believe GearBest are just dumb people and cant repair it? i will wait for your response thank you so much!!!

          • siddharth mishra

            Hello, I got some good news for you. I have found some people on some support forms that successfully flashed their ROM with META mode even with non-removable case. So you can follow above procedure without removing back cover or battery. Let’s see if we can get in META mode.

            If not try to go some local repair shop let’s see if they can repair it or not. Secondly I don’t think GearBest is group of dumb people they might have some reasons to say NO because no one wanted to lose their customers.

            Before doing any of these can you please tell me how your phone got bricked ??

            Maybe I can answer you that your phone has some software issue or hardware damage. if it’s H/W damage than I don’t think META mode gonna do anything for you.

          • smas16

            Hi thanks for the reply , my phone came with international version with a lot of bugs and changed the ROM via TWRP , the phone worked very well with that but 1 month later after i was playing a game it suddenly went into TWRP mode and suddenly it turned off and never turned on again , i dont know why , maybe battery problem or its hardbricked? i followed your above procedure before sent my phone to repair , but it didnt work so i couldnt remove back case because it would avoid the warranty, what you think? i dont have any repair shop nearby and i tryed some and they dont fix non europe phones. .

  • Mohammed Bashiru

    Hi, I can get to Meta Mod but only for short seconds and i hear a sound like cable disconnected and it goes off again. Anything to try

    • siddharth mishra

      Try to reinstall USB drivers for your phone and give a try again with procedure.

      • Nishant Chauhan

        DO we need to download USB drivers for phone separately online
        coz i am facing same issue phone connects and disconnects

        • siddharth mishra

          Yes you have to download them separately if you are facing connect and disconnect issue.

          • Nishant Chauhan

            i did but no use still the issue persist

          • siddharth mishra

            Try to hold volume down button while flashing.

          • Nishant Chauhan

            it says PMT changed the ROM and disconnecting sound appears again

          • siddharth mishra

            Select Firmware upgrade option in SP flash tool instead of Download only. And flash ROM while holding volume down button

          • Nishant Chauhan

            process completed but phone didn’t booted white screen flashed two times but still kept on charging let’s what happens

    • lalalolo

      My Lenovo a7-30f did the same. But start Sp tool and start the download. It will wait any device, and keep the link with it.

  • tom

    hello i hard bricked infinix x600 phone after flashing it with wrong rom,it won’t power on or charge now.will the meta mode work and the battery is not removable.please, help me.

  • KatzeBeat

    Hi, can you please help me? my alcatel flash plus 2 got hard bricked. Instead of going into ‘meta mode’ it went straight ‘DA USB VCOM Port’, I was a little confused cause it showed that name without MediaTek before it, also it is detected my pc except for the sp flash tool, tried to another pc and I got same results… Help?

  • Master 220

    Hi I just tried to do this….
    My Phone is a “Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114” and it is being detected by my pc As MTK DA USB VCom Port…But the problem is that it is stuck in a bootloop as it gets disconnect ed every few seconds It does not show any sign of charging or even it’s logo But still is dectectabe by my pc, every time I try to flash it it gets dissconnected….

    Plz help….

  • Anmol Kumar

    when i tried all these precisely as it said and fortunately everything worked fine except during flashing I got this error message “S_BROM_CMD_JUMP_DA_FAIL”. Now what do i suppose to do? My phone: MTK6592, every driver working, no issue with the stock rom or anything.

  • Rian Hidayat

    Hi bro,
    I need your advise. My phone is non removable battery. So how i can enter in META Mode?

  • dreg101

    i did the first flash with the stock rom of a blu d651u but after the flash, the phone get bricked, now i can get into meta mode, but i cant flash it again, the smart phone flash tool keep showing message of error
    i tried holding vol up and vol down.
    the error is brom error s ft enable dram fail 0xfc0

    if i try with another “stock rom” i get another error: brom error s dl get dram setting fail 0x13be

  • Chris Divine

    Thanks a lot dear, your Tutorial brought my phone back to life. God bless.5 stars.

    • siddharth mishra

      Love to hear it, Welcome.

  • Пеђа

    Hello guys, of course I have also bricked my device, Homtom ht16, MT6580. Downloaded drivers, installed them, downloaded SPFT and Stock ROM from official site. I tried to go to META mode, and indeed in Device Manager I am getting a signs that my phone is not completely dead, but 2 secs after adding a MediaTek USB port it is injecting him and adding again, and it can go for hundred times, until I am pressing Power+Vol Down, or just Vol Down. I tried to go to SPFT and to flash a Preloader, but I am getting a BROM ERROR 4008 – S FT DOWNLOAD FAIL, on your page it is described that it is happening if battery is not inside device, but as I am trying to flash Preloader during META mode, I think that my device is not in META mode, and that it is a problem, also tried to change SPFT versions, tried many times to reinstall drivers, but I am getting the same or different errors-like storage mismatch. Has anyone any clue how to fix it or my Homtom is going to retirement before his actual time? 😀

  • Sam Albalushi

    any help my phone connects and dissconnects its keep doing that

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