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Download Matlab, OrCAD, Xilinx, EAGLE, MPLAB X IDE used by engineers & students of Electronics & communication. Electronics communication is the specialized field concerned with the use of electronic devices and systems for the acquisition or acceptance, processing, storage, display, analysis, protection, disposition, and transfer of information.



MATLAB is the high-level language and interactive environment used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. It lets you explore and visualize ideas and collaborate across disciplines including signal and image processing, communications, control systems, and computational finance.

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Features :

  • Graphical editor for building and managing hierarchical block diagrams
  • Libraries of predefined blocks for modeling continuous-time and discrete-time systems
  • Simulation engine with fixed-step and variable-step ODE solvers.
  • Scopes and data displays for viewing simulation results.
  • Project and data management tools for managing model files and data
  • Model analysis tools for refining model architecture and increasing simulation speed
  • MATLAB Function block for importing MATLAB algorithms into models


OrCAD is a proprietary software tool suite used primarily for electronic design automation (EDA). The software is used mainly by electronic design engineers and electronic technicians to create electronic schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

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Features :

  • OrCAD Capture
    • Powerful Schematic Entry
    • Component Data Management
    • Component Data Management
    • Multiple PCB Tool Support
    • Open Architecture Platform
  • OrCAD EE (PSpice) Designer
    • Powerful simulation
    • Circuit optimization
    • Unparalleled waveform viewing and analysis
    • Enhanced capabilities
    • Extensive model support
  • OrCAD PCB Designer
    • Intelligent Place and Route
    • ECAD-MCAD Co-Design
    • Constraint Management
    • Integration and Productivity
    • Future-Proof Scalability
    • Integrated Design Flows


Xilinx ISE is a complete ECAD (electronic computer-aided design) application. It has the added value of being produced by the world's largest supplier of programmable logic devices and, of course, being free. This application helps you design, test and debug integrated circuits.

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Features :

  • Mixed language support
  • Supports VHDL-93 and Verilog 2001
  • Multi-Threaded compilation
  • Supports AXI Bus Functional Model (BFM)
  • Native support for all HardIP blocks
  • Memory Editor for viewing and debugging memory elements
  • Waveform tracing, waveform viewing, HDL source debugging
  • Power Analysis and optimization using SAIF


EAGLE PCB Design Software is the tool of choice for thousands of engineers worldwide. With 3 modules and a common interface, EAGLE offers a variety of product combinations and allows every user to choose the configuration that meets their individual requirements.

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Features :

  • Autorouter
  • Multi-Threaded
  • Hierarchical design
  • Schematic editor, layout editor, library editor modules with identical user interfaces
  • Flexible User Language Programs (ULPs) enable custom features, such as individual instruction sequences, simulation, data export and import
  • Signal integrity testing before layout to avoid redesigns
  • Accurate simulation results


MPLAB X IDE is a software program that runs on a PC (Windows, Mac OS®, Linux) to develop applications for Microchip microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It is called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), because it provides a single integrated "environment" to develop code for embedded microcontrollers.

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Features :

  • Supports hyperlinks for fast navigation to declarations and includes
  • Support for multiple Debug Tools of the same type
  • Supports Multiple Versions of the same compiler
  • MPLAB® X IDE can Track Changes within your own system using local history
  • Supports Live Code Templates
  • Support for multiple Debug Tools of the same type
  • Runs using JRE7 on all supported operating systems
  • Added action items with support for TODO under assembly



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