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Choose your semester

Semester 1

Engineering Physics, Energy Environment Ecology & Society, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics, Basic Computer Engineering.

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Semester 2

Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics -I, Communication Skills, Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Engineering Graphics.

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Semester 3

Mathematics -II, Transportation Bridges and Tunnels, Strength of Materials, Engineering Geology, Building Design & Drawing.

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Semester 4

Mathematics III, Concrete Technology, Surveying, Construction Materials & Techniques, Fluid Mechanics.

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Semester 5

Transportation Engineering, Advanced Surveying, Fluid Mechanics - II, Structural Design & Drawing – I (RCC), Theory of Structures -I.

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Semester 6

Theory of Structures-II, Water Resources & Irrigation Engineering, Environmental Engineering - I, Geo Tech Engineering I, Structural Design & Drawing – II.

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Semester 7

Design of Hydraulic Structure, Advanced Structural Design – II (R.C.C.), Environmental Engineering - II, Quantity Surveying & Costing.

Elective I - Computational Methods in Structural Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Industrial Waste Treatment, Cost Effective & Eco-Friendly Construction, Environmental Impact Assessment.

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Semester 8

Geo Technical Engineering II, Construction Planning & Management, Advanced Structural Design II (Steel).

Elective II - Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering, Pavement Design, Air Quality Monitoring & Control, Energy Efficient & Green Building, Design of Prestrassed Conc. Structure, Water Power Engineering, Advance Water Resources Engineering.

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